“This is the first time that an emergency medical information support system has been rolled out on a province-wide basis.”
─ Mark Rosenbloom,

MONTREAL, QUÉBEC, June 20, 2005 ─ PEPID Canada Inc, an affiliate of Chicago based PEPID USA ─ the world’s leading developer of medical information services ─ announced today that Québec is providing all 110 emergency departments in the province with online access to PEPID medical information software. PEPID ED Emergency Physician Suite delivers instant access to a complete emergency medical reference and pharmaceutical database. Decision-support tools, like a drug interactions generator and failsafe drug-dosing calculators, are embedded into treatment sequences. Emergency physicians can prepare for incoming patients, save precious time at point-of-care and provide the most effective, up-to-date evidence-based care.

“Our emergency physicians are faced with a wide range of illnesses and injuries every day,” says Laurent Vanier, M.D., Ph.D, Chairman of the Association des médecins d'urgence du Québec (AMUQ). “Time is always a critical factor. Obtaining answers in seconds, with PEPID’s comprehensive point-of-care information support, may be a key component in improving patient care in the Province of Québec.” AMUQ promoted the acquisition of the four-year site-licenses to PEPID Online, which are underwritten by the Québec Ministry of Health and Social Services.

A team of emergency physicians, led by Montréal-born (and McGill University educated), Dr. Mark Rosenbloom, CEO and Executive Editor for PEPID LLC, originally created PEPID ED in 1994. Today’s version includes all Canadian drugs, thousands of pre-populated dosing calculators, hundreds of medical calculators, a drug interactions generator, as well as over seventeen hundred emergency medical topics.

“We’re extremely pleased that Québec has chosen to implement PEPID Online. PEPID ED has been proven in emergency departments and under fire in combat zones around the world for over a decade,” notes Dr. Rosenbloom. “But, this is the first time that an emergency medical information support system has been rolled out on a province-wide basis.”

“This valuable service is available free to each of our 110 emergency departments in the Province of Québec,” adds AMUQ Vice-President, François Paquet. “Now emergency departments throughout the Province will be better prepared for the patients they see today and for the challenges they will face in the future.” Dr. Paquet is a long-time PEPID user and initiated the license acquisition.

“The Québec-wide deployment of our point-of-care software is positive proof of the importance of strategic alliances between medical associations and software developers,” observes John Wagner, president for PEPID LLC. “We are very proud of our working relationship with AMUQ, and its good outcomes for the healthcare of the people of the province.

PEPID is the nation’s leading producer of fully-integrated medical reference software delivered to point-of-care on a PDA or any Internet-connected device. The firm was founded in 1994 by Dr. Mark Rosenbloom, a board-certified emergency physician and Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois. Today, the firm continues to pursue medical content excellence, supported by cutting-edge technology and worldwide market expansion.

PEPID’s medical information software is designed to provide all medical professionals with instant bedside access to complete reference and decision-support tools. Healthcare practitioners save precious time finding and processing information, and can spend more time with their patients. PEPID software products ─ specifically designed for physicians, nurses, students, paramedics and pharmacists ─ provide access to current clinical and pharmacological information at the point-of-care via handheld devices or an Internet connected PC.

PEPID partners with palmOne(TM), Dell (TM), the Family Physicians Inquiries Network(TM), the Oncology Nursing Society, the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists, the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, and many others. More information about PEPID and our products can be found at

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About AMUQ : Association des médecins d’urgence du Québec
The goal of the Association des Médecins d'Urgence du Québec (AMUQ) is to contribute to the improvement of the population's health by promoting highest quality emergency medicine and medical care. Since its formation in 1981, AMUQ has organized more than 20 scientific conferences (the most popular conferences on emergency medicine in Canada), and many other activities related to continuing medical education. Thanks, in part, to the efforts of AMUQ, emergency medicine was recognized in 1998 as a specialty in Quebec.

June 26th to 30th, 2005, in Montreal, AMUQ and its international partners are launching the first Interdisciplinary International Conference on Emergencies (IICE) dedicated to the promotion and development of emergency medicine. By assessing present conditions, bringing out new trends, proposing new approaches, and looking into various levels of knowledge, the conference expects to achieve its goal to improve emergency medical practice.

Industry Background
As the information-intensive healthcare industry continues to grow, today’s medical professionals are faced with processing increasing amounts of data faster. Use of handheld devices in medical workplaces is expanding quickly. A recent survey by Forrester Research found over 50% of all practicing physicians using PDAs. The nursing community is not far behind with an estimated 35% of nurses using PDAs, a ten-fold increase in just two years. Forty-three percent of nurses use online references at their nursing stations, according to a recent McKesson survey. Seventy-two percent of nurses responding to the McKesson survey believe medication safety has improved thanks to advances in information technology.

PEPID embeds support tools, like pre-populated medical calculators, interactions generator and rhythm strips, into treatment notes (a PEDID exclusive). Precious time is not wasted opening and closing software applications to get critical information. As a result, patients get better care and more face time with their caregivers.

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