Welcome To The New PEPID Connect

Take a Tour of the Cutting Edge PEPID Connect

Welcome to PEPID Connect

Designed for increased usability and speed, the new PEPID Connect offers a number of additional features to help you find the information you need even faster than before. The site that you rely upon as the best medical information resource available has been redsigned with your feedback in mind.

This tour will give you an overview of the new enhancements and navigation.

Home Page

The search bar is always available from the top left, and allows you to limit your search to include drugs, conditions or find all results. Searching will automatically pull up a list of results and link you directly to your topic.

Your familiar tools are always available within the navigation bar at the top and even easier to find with clear text.

Favorites and Notes

We heard the request for favorites and incorporated it onto the new favorites and notes tab. Switch between favorites and notes by clicking on paper clip icon. You can find the information you need even faster with the ability to sort your favorites and notes by name or date.

To add a personal note click on the paper clip icon.
To add a favorite click on the star.
To add an institutional note (institutions only) click on the H icon.

*After adding a note or a favorite, the icon will turn gold.

Drug Interactions

One of our most popular tools, our drug interactions checker now allows you to find potential drug interactions with less clicks. The drug interactions checker is now able to remember your selections, allowing you to move between monographs to search for alternative or additional medications. Simply click the "Auto Clear" option to save your entries.

Drug-Allergy Checker

The drug-allergy checker now allows you to identify sensitivities with less clicks, and search for all medications and classes simultaneously. The drug-allergy checker can also remember your selections as you browse additional information within PEPID. You can even turn this option on and off by clicking on the "Auto Clear" option.

Medical Calculators

The 600+ interactive medical calculators are even easier to find within our new search tool, and now the interactive calculator is displayed automatically, eliminating clicks. Simply click the "equation" option to see the formula. Calculators are also integrated into relevant topics, and are viewed within the left pane when selected so you don't have to navigate away from your topic.

Differential Diagnosis Tool

You now have the ability to save your selected symptoms, lab results or physical exam findings within the DDX tool so you can read about a condition or lab test, and return to the DDX generator to add or change selections.

Specify filters for age, gender or severity in the right panel.

IV Compatibility

The IV Compatibility tool will help avoid adverse events encountered in dispensing IV preparations, and maximize productivity in IV administration. Quickly check the compatibility of specific drugs.

Lab Manual

The 600+ lab tests are now even easier to find within our new lab search tool.

Pill Identification

Easily identify patient medications with just a few details. The list of matches allows you to navigate directly to the corresponding drug monographs, supporting your workflow.


Navigate PEPID even easier with the addition of browsing history. The new history functionality allows you to keep track of the recent pages you visit so you can navigate back to them easily.


Please don't hesitate to contact us at to provide your feedback.