McGraw-Hill Critical Care Nursing Review: Pearls of Wisdom


A comprehensive portable resource

Eliminate the guesswork when studying for your CCRN exam with McGraw-Hill Critical Care Nursing Review: Pearls of Wisdom. With a unique question and single-answer format you are able to reinforce only the correct answers that you will need to know on exam day.

Made available electronically by PEPID, this portable guide features:

  • Over 1500+ rapid-fire questions with correct answer only
  • Covers all topics on the CCRN exam
  • Key facts and pearls you need to know
  • Contains essential facts for exam success
  • The best rapid, last-minute review for the CCRN

Table of Contents:

  1. Airway, Resuscitation & Ventilator Pearls
  2. Shock Pearls
  3. Cardiovascular Pearls
  4. Trauma Pearls
  5. Head & Neck Pearls
  6. Pulmonary Pearls
  7. Gastrointestinal Pearls
  8. Genitourinary/Renal Pearls
  9. Neurology Pearls
  1. Infectious Disease Pearls
  2. Hematology & Oncology Pearls
  3. Electrolyte, Acid-Base & Endocrine Pearls
  4. Toxicology Pearls
  5. Nutrition Management Pearls
  6. Immunology & Transplant Pearls
  7. Ethics & Pain Management Pearls
  8. Bibliography

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