McGraw-Hill EM Oral Board Review: Pearls of Wisdom


A comprehensive, portable resource

Utilize the most effective weapon in preparing for the emergency medicine oral board exam — McGraw-Hill Emergency Medicine Oral Board Review: Pearls of Wisdom.

PEPID makes this resource available electronically, giving you an intense, targeted and exam-focused review guide. This rapid, effective review ensures your best possible performance on the oral board exam in the shortest possible study time.

This portable guide for your emergency medicine oral board review features:

  • 800+ rapid-fire questions cover all topics on the emergency medicine oral boards
  • Extensive outline review of must-know topics
  • 48 high-yield test cases with Q&As
  • Powered with performance-improving pearls and other potent learning aids
  • Bull's-eye hits on emergency medicine oral board exam topics--the meaningful and the frequently tested
  • 48 cases with related Q&As hone in on what examiners are likely to ask
  • Convenient outline review, study must-know oral board content in logical sequence
  • Tools to imprint your memory, pearls, drills, mnemonics, visual imagery, even humor, and other tested learning aids
  • Rapid results with rapid-fire, to-the-point cases and Q&As embed the facts you need to know and enhance quick recall
  • No confusing wrong answers to clutter your memory

Table of Contents:

  1. Contributors
  2. Introduction
  3. General Exam Information
  4. Suggested Outline of Attack
  5. The Primary Survey
  6. The Second Survey
  7. Pearls
  8. Pediatric Pearls
  9. Cardiovascular Pearls
  10. Dermatology Pearls
  11. Endocrine Pearls
  12. Environmental Pearls
  13. Gastrointestinal Pearls
  14. Gynecology Pearls
  15. Head and Neck Pearls
  16. Hematology/Oncology Pearls
  17. Infectious Diseases Pearls
  18. Metabolic Disorders Pearls
  1. Neurology Pearls
  2. Obstetrics Pearls
  3. Orthopedics Pearls
  4. Pediatrics Pearls
  5. Psychiatry Pearls
  6. Pulmonary Pearls
  7. Radiographic Evaluation of Commons Interventions Pearls
  8. Rheumatologic/Allergic Pearls
  9. Toxicology Pearls
  10. Trauma Pearls
  11. Urogenital Pearls
  12. Wounds Pearls
  13. Procedure Pearls
  14. Random Pearls
  15. Sample Cases
  16. References

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