McGraw-Hill Nurse to Nurse: Evidence-based Practice

The Nurse to Nurse series is designed to simulate the teaching experience nurses learn best from — trusted mentors carefully explaining what they must do in specific clinical situations. This series brings the wisdom and experience of some of the experts to non-specialist nurses in clinical care.

Incorporate evidence-based practice into nursing

McGraw-Hill Nurse to Nurse: Evidence-based Practice is a portable guide that covers one of the most important trends in nursing today. Learn how to apply evidence-based practice into your daily routines and patient care with case studies and step-by-step instructions.

Learn the steps to evidence-based practice change

  • Assess the need for change in practice
  • Locate the best evidence
  • Critically analyze the evidence
  • Design practice change
  • Implement and evaluate change in practice
  • Integrate and maintain change in practice

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Journey to Excellence in Patient Care
Chapter 2: The Model for Evidence-Based Practice Change
Chapter 3: Step 1: Assess the Need for Change in Practice
Chapter 4: Step 2: Locate the Best Evidence
Chapter 5: Step 3: Critically Analyze the Evidence
Chapter 6: Step 4: Design Practice Change
Chapter 7: Step 5: Implement and Evaluate Change in Practice
Chapter 8: Step 6: Integrate and Maintain Change in Practice

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