PEPID™ Launches Smartphone Platform

Evanston, Illinois — September 26, 2007 PEPID™, the world’s leading medical information point of care provider, announced their new platform for Smartphone users. Now healthcare professionals can access and navigate PEPID directly from their Smartphone worldwide. Popular SmartPhone devices include Motorola Q, Samsung BlackJack and the T-Mobile Dash.

The same menuing system previously used by physicians and nurses to check messages, schedule appointments and read email can now be used to instantly navigate critical medical, clinical and pharmacological information in PEPID.

The PEPID Smartphone platform eliminates hassles of syncing with a computer for downloads and updates. Now subscribers can directly download PEPID medical decision support over the air to their Smartphone from anywhere in the world.

“I’m very proud that PEPID now provides comprehensive, robust point-of-care information for professionals regardless of political, sociological, geographical or technological barriers,” says PEPID President John Wagner. “PEPID delivery on our Smartphone platform truly provides instantaneous life supporting critical information worldwide. The barriers have been broken.”

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