Solutions for Clinics and Centers


Whether your office supports a staff of 10, 20 or more, PEPID has the "right dose" of clinical decision support information and tools. Including clinical topics that cover every medical specialty, complete nursing references and our No. 1-rated drug database, PEPID has what every clinician needs to provide higher-quality, more informed patient care.

PEPID's medical and nursing resources supply everything clinical staff members need to make decisions at the point of care — assessment and disposition, signs and symptoms, diagnostics and lab references, medical and dosing calculators, a drug interaction checker, patient education, discharge, follow-up care, and much more. Access to our cost-effective resources optimizes patient care, safety, efficiency and costs and reduces adverse drug events.


Integrating Electronic Resources into Your Curriculum


System Integration
Enhance your current EMR, HIT, CPOE or web portal with PEPID to improve the quality and flow of information available to clinicians. PEPID gives you the functionality to use our information in a way that best suits the needs of clinicians without long development cycles or complex system implementation. [Learn More]


PEPID Connect
All healthcare professionals can have unlimited access to PEPID Connect from any PC, Mac or laptop computer. Our content and tools are automatically updated regularly, so you can be sure the information your physicians and nurses are accessing is always current. [Learn More]


Make the information your healthcare professionals rely on as mobile as they are with PEPID mobile solutions. A leader in mobile technology, PEPID can be used on any smartphone or tablet device, making clinical decision support available when it's needed. [Learn More]


Products for Clinics and Centers

Emergency Medicine Suite
Written for EM physicians; easy to find without plowing through extra material you don't need.
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Suite
Designed to help healthcare professionals treat pediatric patients with emergent medical, surgical and traumatic conditions more efficiently and accurately.
Primary Care Plus Ambulatory Care
The most comprehensive, integrated reference tool covering all specialties.
Professional Nursing Suite
Gives nurses the information they need at the bedside, improving quality, safety and efficiency of care.
Critical Care Nursing Suite
With assessments, nursing considerations and drugs and drips, PEPID RNCC truly supports decisions when treating the critically ill.
Oncology Nursing Suite
Developed with the Oncology Nursing Society; contains drugs and drips, interactions, nursing considerations and more.
Gerontological Nursing Suite
Access drug and dosing information, drug interactions, disease profiles, and gerontological assessments.
RN Student Clinical Companion
Designed for nurses-in-training, RNS is a resource for classroom, lab and clinical settings and includes everything from assessment to disposition.
Nursing Care Plans
Built for nurses by nurses, PEPID's Nursing Care Plan tool is your resource for nursing assessments, nursing diagnoses, planning, implementation and evaluation.

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