Emergency Department Information System Integration


All the data in PEPID Emergency Medicine Suite can be integrated into your EDIS to provide emergency staff with dosing calculators, drug interaction alerts, drug references, information on treatments, comprehensive disease references, medical calculators and more — embedded into your system to provide information and alerts in accordance with workflow. Together, we can transform your EDIS into a one-stop information source for everything clinicians need in the emergency department.

Integrate any, or all, of the information in PEPID Emergency Medicine Suite:

  • Complete drug database
  • Drug interactions checker
  • Drug-Allergy Checker
  • Differential Diagnosis Generator
  • Medical and dosing calculators
  • Emergency protocols
  • Treatments and algorithms
  • Conditions and disease references
  • Illustrations
  • Emergency-specific evidence-based medicine

All topics and tools are tailored for the fast-paced environment of emergency medicine and designed for use at the point of care.


Clinical Decision-Support Integration

IntegrationSystem Integration
Embed PEPID's extensive emergency medicine resource into your EDIS with an API that seamlessly integrates into your system and user interface. Program our data into your system to increase efficiency, reduce medication errors and improve workflow. [Learn More]

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