Solutions for Pharmacy Educators and Students


When you're considering textbooks and references for your pharmacy students, bridging the gap between the classroom and practice is paramount, and PEPID Pharmacist Pro with AHFS does just that.

Imagine your students having instant access to all the information in the "big red book" (AHFS), seamlessly integrated into clinical content and disease profiles, drug-allergy and drug interaction checkers, duplicate therapy checking, dosing, pill images, and information on OTCs, herbals and supplements, with just a couple clicks. [Learn More]


Integrating Electronic Resources into Your Curriculum


PEPID Connect
Students can have access to PEPID Connect from any PC, Mac or laptop computer in a computer lab, library or even at home. Our content and tools are automatically updated, so you can be sure the information your students are accessing is always current. [Learn More]


Allow students to literally carry an authoritative resource with them from the classroom to the clinical setting and then on to professional practice. A leader in mobile technology, PEPID can be used on any smartphone or tablet device, making clinical decision support available when it's needed. [Learn More]

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