Solutions for Emergency Departments


Trusted and used in emergency rooms around the world since 1994, PEPID covers the full spectrum of emergency medicine and is written specifically for the fast-paced environment of the ED. PEPID gives you everything you need to make accurate decisions quickly, from a differential diagnosis generator to pinpoint the cause of a patient's symptoms to a complete toxicology reference, comprehensive drug database, drug interactions checker, dosing calculators, emergency protocols, algorithms, assessments, illustrations, and much more!

Equipping all emergency physicians, nurses and pharmacists with our cost-effective resources optimizes patient care, safety, efficiency and costs, and reduces adverse drug events, contributing to your department's bottom line.


PEPID for Emergency Departments


System Integration
Enhance your EDIS or web portal with PEPID to improve the quality and flow of information available to clinicians. PEPID gives developers the functionality to use our information in a way that best suits the needs of emergency department staff without long development cycles or complex system implementation. [Learn More]


PEPID Connect
Emergency physicians, nurses and pharmacists can have unlimited access to PEPID Connect from any PC, Mac or laptop computer. Our content and tools are automatically updated, so you can be sure the information clinicians are accessing is always current. [Learn More]


Make the information your emergency staff rely on as mobile as they are with PEPID mobile solutions. A leader in mobile technology, PEPID can be used on any smartphone or tablet device, making clinical decision support available when it's needed. [Learn More]


Institutional Products for Emergency Departments

Emergency Medicine Suite
Written for EM physicians; easy to find without plowing through extra material you don't need
Pediatric Emergency Medicine Suite
Designed to help healthcare professionals treat pediatric patients with emergent medical, surgical and traumatic conditions more efficiently and accurately
Developed with the National Association of EMS Educators; everything you need to make decisions at the scene or in route

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