Solutions for Healthcare Institutions

Hospitals and Health Systems

With specialty-focused information for each department and for each member of the care team, PEPID provides a complete solution for your entire hospital. Accordingly, PEPID Connect gives you direct access to all of the clinical and drug knowledge healthcare professionals need to make decisions at the point of care. [Learn More]

Clinics and Group Practices

Whether your office supports a staff of 10, 20 or more, PEPID Connect has the right "dose" of clinical decision support for everyone, including clinical topics that cover every medical specialty, complete nursing references, and our No. 1-rated drug database. [Learn More]


Ease the transition from education to practice by implementing PEPID into your curriculum. Already used in hundreds of nursing schools, residency programs, medical schools and pharmacy programs around the world, PEPID provides students with both an excellent learning tool and a professional clinical and drug reference. [Learn More]

Emergency Departments

Trusted and used in emergency rooms around the world since 1994, PEPID covers the full spectrum of emergency medicine and is written specifically for the fast-paced environment of the ED. [Learn More]

Emergency Medical Services

At the scene or en route, PEPID Connect gives EMS and paramedic teams access to an EMS reference with a complete medical and toxicology reference and EMS-specific topics organized by signs and symptoms for appropriate responses and communication during every step. [Learn More]

Long-term Care

PEPID can help your facility meet JCAHO standards for long-term care, ensure your facility runs smoothly, and elevate the level of care you provide. PEPID Gerontological Nursing Suite equips your nurses with the information they need to make better decisions regarding the maturing population. [Learn More]


Pharmacists need to look no further than PEPID Connect to find the answers to all their drug questions. Our No. 1-rated drug database contains more than 13,000 U.S. and Canadian trade names, OTCs, generics, herbals, supplements and food products, make it the most extensive drug database on the market today. [Learn More]

Electronic Medical Records

Integrate PEPID's award-winning, respected clinical and drug information into your EMR or EHR to help achieve meaningful use requirements and give your system a competitive advantage. Our comprehensive resources cover everything clinicians need to make better-informed decisions at the bedside. [Learn More]

Medical Libraries

Medical librarians aim to provide the healthcare professionals who use their library with knowledge that can be implemented in their daily practice for better patient care. PEPID's medical information resources join research and clinical practice. [Learn More]

Urgent Care Facilities

Trusted and used around the world, PEPID is now expanding to urgent care! PEPID covers the full spectrum of emergency medicine and is written specifically for the fast-paced environment of an urgent care facility. [Learn More]

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