Can I install PEPID using the OTA technology?

PEPID Over-the-Air (OTA) installers use the default PalmSource OTA installer technology.

By default, the install set (.prc) is downloaded and uncompressed automatically. Once loaded and uncompressed, tap the (PEPID Install) icon to install the PEPID run time environment.

*If you have an SD card inserted, PEPID OTA will install the needed PEPID files to card. Check your SD card for the PEPID Installer icon.

We have notice the following issues on some Palm devices.
Should your device experience any of these issues, please contact your device provider for more information.

  • The install set (.prc) may not self-extract the OTA install file. The user must find and tap the .prc file to uncompress.

  • On some PDAs (700P) the .prc file can not be located.
    *If prompted, always download the .prc (install set) to card.

  • On some PDAs (700P), if the install set is larger than 10mb, the PDA will hang after the uncompress requiring a soft reset.
    *However, the uncompress and install seems to be successful and intact after the soft reset.

  • Some units (LifeDrive) will not unpack after taping the .prc file.
    File type of .prc is not recognized.

  • Some units (LifeDrive) will only load the .prc to main memory.

Click here to load the PEPID OTA test application to verify your Palm device correctly supports OTA before installing PEPID to your PDA. Once installed, tap the OTA Test icon (installed to SD card if one is present). The test application will display the text, 'PEPID OTA test application'.

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