Palm OTA Installation and Update Instructions

On your PDA go to to download the installation files.

  Send the OTA install URL to your device, via email.

PEPID OTA technology provides an easy download, uncompress and install procedure.

PEPID Over-the-Air (OTA) installers use the default PalmSource OTA technology. The install set (.prc) is downloaded and uncompressed automatically. If you have a SD card inserted, PEPID OTA will install the needed PEPID files automatically to the card. However, if prompted, always download to the card. Check your SD card for the PEPID Installer icon after installation.

Before Installation: check available main or SD card memory

Free space requirements do vary by PEPID product. Click here to see the space requirements of each PEPID product.


Access on your PDA and select Palm OTA. Select the PEPID suite you wish to download and follow the step-by-step instructions (shown below).

STEP 1: Download PEPID Content: Select PEPID Medical Content to download to your PDA.

STEP 2: : Uncompress and install PEPID content files and optional Illustrations

  1. Go to Palm Launcher to uncompress the files. If the files are not uncompressed automatically, tap the icon on your PDA.
  2. Once the download is complete, tap the (PEPID Install) icon on your PDA to install the program.
  3. After installation, delete the PEPID Content installation file from your PDA.
  4. Download PEPID Illustrations (~9 MB), otherwise skip to Step 5.
  5. Use the icon to start PEPID.

STEP 3: Registration

To register, please go to the PEPID Document Manager on your PDA, tap ´Click here to Register´, and tap ´Wireless´.

Contact us at should you encounter any issues during the installation process. To access our OTA FAQ click here.