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PEPID Technical Support

1. Why is PEPID so popular in the medical/healthcare community?
2. Is there a site license program?

1. Do I need to purchase PEPID PDC if I am purchasing another PEPID product?
2. Do I need to be online to use PEPID products?
3. How is PEPID sold?
4. How do I purchase PEPID?
5. I am a current subscriber, how do I add Lab Manual to my PEPID Suite?

1. I am a Mac user. Can I use PEPID?

1. How often is PEPID updated?


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PEPID has a professional customer support system where you can talk to one of our trained customer service or technical support representative to help you troubleshoot various issues.

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If you are unable to find a solution to your problem, please contact us via support form. A support respresentative will contact you shortly