PEPID iPad Install Page
iPad Install Instructions
iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad iPad
  • Tap the App Store on your iPad

      Make sure your iPad is connected to a wifi or cellular signal - for further assistance, please refer to our FAQ
  • In the search bar, search for PEPID and install the
    "PEPID® for iPad" app
    by pressing on GET
    then Install

      To install an app from the App Store you will need your Apple ID Password

  • Once the install is complete, tap the PEPID app to open it

      Select Ok to allow for Push Notifications from PEPID
  • Press LOGIN to access your available subscriptions
  • Enter your username (email address) and password, then tap Login

  • Select your Suite to begin the download

      Only one Suite can be downloaded at a time
  • Once the download is complete, tap your Suite icon to begin using PEPID

      The expiration date of your PEPID suite is automatically updated during the download, tapping the "i" allows a manual update

      For further assistance, please refer to our FAQ