Establish an internet connection from your PDA via your internet browser. Browse to and log in using your PEPID username and password. Please refer to your PDA operation manual/instructions for browser configuration options. For best performance, PEPID recommends using the Internet browser or default BlackBerry® browser. The following browser options are required:

  • Emulation Mode, Microsoft IE
  • Support HTML Tables
  • Support JavaScript
  • Support Style Sheets (May be disabled to improve performance speed.)

Device Specific Information


PEPID Mobile Wireless requires the Palm Blazer Internet browser version 4.0 or higher. If your PDA does not have a 4.0 or higher browser, a secondary browser will be required. There are several other market browsers available for the Palm such as the Xiino Web browser. The Xiino WEB browser can be found at

Windows® Mobile Users

The default Internet Explorer browser delivered with your Windows Mobile/Pocket PC is compatible with PEPID Mobile Wireless. Any alternative browser that supports, HTML frames, Style Sheets and JavaScript can also be used.

Motorola® Q Users

The default Internet browser delivered with your Q is compatible with PEPID Mobile Wireless. Please toggle "off" the frames support option on the PEPID Mobile login screen.

BlackBerry® Users

PEPID Mobile Wireless requires BlackBerry Handheld Software version 3.8 or greater.