BlackBerry OnCard Installation and Update Instructions

PEPID consists of two components: a main application program and database content. Both are provided on the PEPID OnCard. The main program portion must be installed to your BlackBerry device´s main memory. There are two ways to do this: over the Internet or via your computer.

Before you begin installation, please do the following:

  • Check that you have sufficient free space on your handheld: Only 4MB of main memory is required to install and run the PEPID program from the OnCard.
  • Delete any older version of PEPID installed on your device by using the ´Remove Programs´ option on your BlackBerry Desktop.


  1. Insert the OnCard into the Blackberry.
  2. Open the web browser on the Blackberry and navigate to
  3. On that page, select the "Install PEPID BlackBerry" link (Get Link).
  4. Select DOWNLOAD on the next screen and select REBOOT if prompted.
  5. Launch PEPID from the Applications folder.


  1. Insert the OnCard into the Blackberry.
  2. Connect the Blackberry to the computer.
  3. Open the Blackberry Desktop Manager software and open Media Manager. In the Media Manager, open Media Card > blackberry and copy the BB Files folder to your computer desktop. Once copied, close the Media Manager window.
  4. In the Desktop Manager software, select Application Loader, then select Add. Navigate to the BB Files folder, Add the 4 (ALX) files, and select Next.
  5. Then, select the PEPID icon on the Blackberry to access the Document Manager where you can open PEPID.


If PEPID was previously installed on your PDA, you will not need to re-register the program. New users will be granted an automatic 14-day trial after the program is installed. During this time, please visit your PEPID account at Follow the "Click here to register PEPID" link and register PEPID on your PDA.

For instructions on how check the PEPID expiration date on your handheld, please go to and select #10 from our ‘Top Ten Support Issues’ on the right-hand side of your screen.

PLEASE NOTE: Even when OnCard is not installed, the PEPID icon will be displayed by the main memory of your BlackBerry. To use the program, however, the PEID OnCard must be installed inside your BlackBerry.

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