BlackBerry Installation and Update Instructions

After downloading the PEPID installation files to your PC, installing the program to your BlackBerry is a two-step process. First, you install the PEPID application file from the PC to the BlackBerry using BlackBerry´s Desktop Manager software. Then, you will install the content files from your PC to the BlackBerry using our PEPID BB Conduit.

To get started, you will need a qualified PC with BlackBerry® Desktop Manager 4.1 or higher, your BlackBerry® device, a USB sync cable and access to the Internet. Although it is not required, we do suggest you have a memory card in your Blackberry and that you install the PEPID content to the memory card. The first time you follow this procedure, it may take 45 minutes to an hour. Subsequent updates should take much less time. If you have any questions during your installation, please contact PEPID customer service at or call us at 888.321.7828 ext 206.

Before Installation: Review device and memory requirements
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Click on the PEPID product you wish to install and SAVE the installation file to your computer:

10.2 10.2 10.2 10.2 10.2 10.2 10.2 10.2 10.2 10.2 8.2



Connect your BlackBerry device to your computer using a USB cable, if you have not already done so.

Your PEPID product has two major file components: application (or operational) files; and content files. During the installation process you install the application files, and then install the content files. As a result, syncing PEPID to your BlackBerry is a two-part process:
First, load the PEPID application files using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager () that came with your BlackBerry device.

  • On the PC: open the installation file. Extract the PEPID application, PEPID content files, and the PEPID BB Conduit.
  • On the PC: click on the BlackBerry Desktop Manager Icon () and choose Application Loader. Click NEXT. All required PEPID files will appear in your Application Loader Wizard window. Select all four PEPID applications: PEPID, PEPID DIG, PEPID DosingCalc, and PEPID MedCalc. Click NEXT. On the confirmation screen, click FINISH to initiate loading to BlackBerry device. On the "Load Successful" popup, click CLOSE.

  • On your BlackBerry device: When an installation has been successful, the PEPID icon () appears in your applications folder or home screen.
  • On your BlackBerry device: select the PEPID icon to start the application.

NOTE: The PEPID program must remain running on your device, and your device must remain attached to your desktop via a sync cable to load the PEPID content files.



Next, load the content files using the PEPID BB Conduit which you will have already downloaded to your PC with the installation files.

  • On the PC: Double click on PEPID BB Conduit icon ().
  • On the PC: select Options from the Options menu: choose the delivery destination of your PEPID Suite - either Device Storage (default) or Media Card (recommened) If your BlackBerry does not support high resolution graphics or if you are low on free space, you may also de-select loading the PEPID Image Database (about 9.5 MB) now.
  • On the PC: Select SYNCHRONIZE to begin loading the content files. The synchronization may take up to 20 minutes to transfer PEPID content, depending on the performance of your desktop and handheld device.

  • On your BlackBerry device: When transfer is complete, PEPID on the BlackBerry will notify you that the sync was successful.
    • Click OK to the Synchronization is Complete message.
    • Press the Menu button on your Blackberry and Accept to the Warning message.
    • Next, highlight the PEPID Suite you wish to open and press Menu button on your Blackberry. Select Get Link from the menu, to open the PEPID Suite.
    • This will begin the Buliding Index process. This process can take between 5-20 minutes, depending on your device.
    • Once the Index is finished building, you will be in the PEPID Index, here you can search for any topic and begin using the program.



To register the PEPID software on your PDA, please visit the Register PEPID Products section of your account page.

Your installation is now complete and registered with PEPID. If you installed the content files to an SD card, the card must remain inserted in the device whenever you run your PEPID program.