Palm Installation and Update Instructions for Mac Users

Basically, you download PEPID to your Mac and then hotsync to your Palm using Hotsync Manager, which is a component of Palm Desktop.

Palm Desktop is the application on your Mac that keeps track of your Calendar, Contacts, To Do List and Memos. When you perform a HotSync operation to your PDA, the information in Palm Desktop is compared with the information in your device, and made the same. HotSync Manager is integrated into Palm Desktop. HotSync Manager is a desktop component of Palm Desktop that coordinates the synchronization of information between your handheld and Palm Desktop on your Mac. Before you download and install PEPID, make sure that synchronization of the PDA and Mac is enabled and working.

Before Installation: Check memory and device requirements [Click for details]



Click on the PEPID product you wish to install and SAVE the installation file to your computer:

10.2 10.2 10.2 10.2 10.2 10.2 10.2 10.2 10.2
10.2 10.2 10.2 8.2



  After downloading, a PEPID icon should automatically appear on your desktop. Double click the icon. [show me]
  The first screen is a License Agreement. "Accept" to continue. The second screen contains PEPID files and installation instructions. [show me]
  Open HotSync Manager. [show me]
  Open "Install Handheld Files" from dropdown menu. [show me]
  Drag the PEPID icon to the "Install Handheld Files" window. [show me]
  If you do not want to install the illustrations, highlight the IMG-DB file and select Remove From List. [show me]
  If you want to install to a memory card, select "Change Destination" and move the files to the card. [show me]



Close the Install Handheld Files window and HotSync to your Palm. Once complete, find and run the PEPID Install icon on your PDA.



If PEPID was installed on your PDA previously, you will not need to re-register the program. New users must register their program within seven (7) days after the program is installed. If you do not register, you will lose access to your PEPID programs.

To register your PEPID Suite, go to "My Account" and choose ´Register PEPID Products on PDA´. Please follow the illustrated instructions to register.

NOTE: You can also use these instructions to access your PEPID Registration Code and PEPID Expiration Date. If you have multiple documents, you may have to scroll down to see the names of the other documents and related information.

  Open the PEPID program on your Palm by tapping the PEPID icon. Select/Tap the Home icon on the right-hand side of the PEPID toolbar to launch the PEPID Index. [show me]
  Tap/select the Document icon to access the Document Manager. [show me]
  In the Document Manager, tap "Click here to register" under the product that requires registration. [show me]
  Your Registration Code is automatically displayed. Enter your 5-digit product key. [show me]
  To update the Expiration Date, tap on the displayed date. First change the year, next the month and last select the correct day. If the day is already selected, please select it again. [show me]
  Check that the Expiration Date has been advanced according to the calendar input. Tap on Register and your registration process is complete. [show me]

If the expiration date is incorrect, please contact PEPID Customer Support with your Registration Code to get a new product key and corrected expiration date.