PEPID Manager Lite Installation Instructions for Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC Users

PEPID will discontinue the use of the PEPID Manager application in 2010. All current PEPID Manager users should uninstall PEPID Manager and use PEPID Manager Lite to install / update PEPID on your PDA.


  • Make sure you have enough space to install PEPID (Click here for PEPID file sizes). If you have a pervious version of PEPID loaded to your PDA, this version will be overwritten during the installation (ActiveSync).
  • Make sure you have Microsoft ActiveSync installed and that your device will successfully connect with ActiveSync.
  • Soft reset your PDA and connect it to the computer, ensuring that it is "Connected" with ActiveSync.
  • A memory card is not required to install PEPID, but we suggest you install the program to a memory card.


  1. Click on the icon of the PEPID product you would like to install and save the file to your computer:
ED: 12.1 PCP: 12.1 CRC: 12.1 RN: 12.1 ONS: 12.1 RNCC: 12.1
RNSN: 12.1 GERO: 12.1 EMS: 11.2 PDC: 12.1 8.2 *

  1. Double click on the saved installation file to begin the installation process. Make sure your handheld is connected to your computer.
  2. Click NEXT (select defaults) to each of the subsequent screen prompts.
  3. Microsoft ActiveSync will open a window with the following prompt: "Install PEPID using the default application install directory?"
    Click YES if you want to install PEPID to the INTERNAL MEMORY of your device.
    Click NO if you want to install PEPID directly to a STORAGE CARD, then select either storage card or HP Safe Store.
  4. PEPID Manager Lite will now trigger ActiveSync to begin. If prompted, "Please check your mobile device screen to see if additional steps are necessary to complete this installation." Click OK and then click Finish.
  5. PEPID will now be installed to your device. If prompted, to replace "Windows/VBScript.dll." Click "YES TO ALL".
  6. Once installation is complete, tap the PEPID icon in the Start menu to start PEPID.
* The Medical Dictionary, is no longer available for 2003 devices.


  • If you are doing a free trial of a PEPID Suite, registration is not required. If you have an active subscription to PEPID, registration is required. To register your PEPID Suite, go to "My Account" and choose ´Register PEPID Products on PDA´ or click here.