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Medical Dictionary

The PEPID Medical dictionary is free to any user who has an Active subscription to PEPID.

For the Android platform, the Medical Dictionary does not install by default, please contact PEPID Support and it can be added to your account. The Medical Dictionary is not available for WebOS.

The PEPID Medical Dictionary requires registration. In the Platinum Suites, this registration will occur automatically when the Medical Dictionary is downloaded. In the Platinum Suites, the Medical Dictionary can also be manually registered. The expiration date should be the same as the expiration date of your PEPID suite.

The medical term definitions are embedded in your core PEPID Suite. Select the "MD" icon (the book) on a term to see the definition. Each core PEPID Suite includes a non-searchable Dictionary Table of contents that can be found at the top of the Index.

To access the PEPID Medical Dictionary product directly (searchable index), go to the screen in PEPID where your Suite is available. If it has been installed, the Medical Dictionary will listed under your Suite. If you have any questions please feel free to contact PEPID Support.

Installation Instructions

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