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What is the Installment Plan payment option?

The Installment Plan payment option allows you pay for your 24 or 36 month subscription in 4 installment payments, rather than one single payment. This option can only be exercised at the time of purchase and is one of the configurations available by which select PEPID Suites can be purchased. Where it is available the installment payment option will show up as a 2nd 24 or 36 month purchase option. All 4 installment payments are required for your purchase to be valid. If for any reason one of your installment payments does not process properly on its scheduled date, we will attempt to contact you via email to assist in making your payment. If we do not receive payment within 2 weeks from the most recent payment attempt, your PEPID subscription will be invalid until all required payments are made.

Your first installment payment is made when you purchase the installment payment plan subscription and future installments are deducted every 90 days, as follows:

Installment Payment Schedule
  • 1st Installment payment: Date of purchase
  • 2nd installment payment: 90 days after purchase
  • 3rd installment payment: 180 days after purchase
  • 4th installment payment: 270 days after purchase

If an installment payment is missed for any reason, such as that your Credit Card information has changed, to ensure that your installment payment is processed and that your subscription does not expire, please telephone PEPID Support at 888-321-7828 x206. Updating your Credit Card info on your account on the PEPID website will not cause our system to reprocess your installment payment.

After your installment payment has been made, you will need to register PEPID on your device. Please visit the the install page and select your device for instructions on how to update your expiration date.

Installment plan prices are subject to change without notice. As the price of your installment plan is based on the current prices of PEPID products, if those prices increase, the price for the remainder of your installment payments will also increase.

Installation Instructions

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