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Android OS

PEPID for Android OS devices is now available: click here for more info. Below are requirements for using the program on your device and information about subscriptions.


  • OS 1.6 or greater. Android tablets are supported.
  • Memory Card
  • Internet Connection (installation)
    • An active WiFi connection is required for download / installation
  • Internet Connection (general usage): A data plan (or WiFi connection) is required for these functions
    • Illustrations
    • Dictionary definition links
    • DDX (Differential Diagnosis Generator)

Subscriptions / Switching Platforms

The Android version of PEPID is only compatible with our PEPID Platinum products.

  • If your current subscription is a PEPID Platinum product, we can switch your subscription to the Android platform. To switch your subscription to the Android platform, please email PEPID Support.
  • If your subscription is not for a PEPID Platinum product, you must either purchase a new 12 month subscription to a PEPID Platinum product or upgrade your current subscription to a Platinum product.
    • If you purchase a new Platinum subscription, we will switch any remaining time (from your non-Platinum product) to the new Platinum subscription. Transfer of remaining time should happen within 48 hours.
    • To upgrade your current subscription to a Platinum product: From your Account page, select the Manage Your Subscriptions link. On the Manage Your Subscriptions page, find the subscription you wish to upgrade and select the Upgrade to Platinum link. After your purchase, your subscription will be automatically upgraded to the Platinum version and the platform will be whichever you selected when purchasing.

To sign up for a free trial, to try PEPID on the Android platform, please visit this page. To purchase a PEPID Platinum subscription for your Android device, please visit this page. For all other inquiries regarding PEPID on the Android platform or if you have any questions about switching your subscription, please email PEPID Support.

Installation Instructions

Visit the PEPID Support FAQ Page
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