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What is Patient Education?

Patient Education is an add-on for PEPID Online, which allows you to print out drug information handouts for patients right from a drug card in PEPID Online. This add-on is only available for the PEPID Online. Please visit the Product page for more information.

How do I enable the Patient Education add-on?

To verify the Patient Education add-on is enabled, visit the My Account section of and select Manage Your Subscriptions. If Patient Education is enabled, it will be listed under your Active Subscriptions. If the add-on is not enabled, you can select the Add Patient Education link next to your active PEPID subscription to purchase the add-on.

How do I use the Patient Education add-on?

Within PEPID Online, select a drug card. Within the drug card's Quicklinks, you will find a Patient Education quicklink, select the Patient Education quicklink to open the patient handout information for the drug. If there is no Patient Education quicklink for the selected drug then we currently do not have a handout for that drug. You can contact PEPID Support and we can ensure it is included in a future update.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact PEPID Support.

Installation Instructions

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