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Can I switch to a different product or platform?

Yes, you can switch between the PEPID products and platforms. Certain payments may be needed to do so, since the different products and platforms are different prices.

Transferring your subscription to a different PEPID Suite

To transfer your subscription from one PEPID Suite to another, such as transferring your subscription from the Platinum ED Suite to the Platinum PCP Suite, please contact PEPID Support and we will be glad to help you.

Transferring your PEPID subscription to a different device

The instructions to transfer your PEPID subscription from one device to another are detailed below. PEPID subscriptions are per device, so if you want to use PEPID on more than 1 device you will need to purchase 2nd PEPID subscription. If you are interested in doing that, our sales team can offer you a 50% discount on your 2nd subscription if you call them at 888-321-7828 x 251.

Platinum Edition

If you have a Platinum Edition of any PEPID Suite, you can either transfer your subscription to a different device by contacting PEPID Support, or by renewing your subscription online at When you fill in the length of the subscription that you wish to renew with you will also have an option to select the device you want to renew it with, which can be changed to your new device. You do not need to renew your subscription in order to change your subscription to another device, you can also contact PEPID Support and we will be glad to switch you over to a new device at any time.

Standard Edition

If you have a subscription for the Standard Edition of PEPID, then you may need to make a small payment to upgrade your account to Platinum. Below is a list of devices that support the Standard and Platinum Editions of PEPID.

Devices that support the Platinum Edition:
  • iPhone/iPod
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • PEPID Online

Devices that support the Standard Edition:
  • Palm OS
  • Windows PPC 2003
  • Windows Mobile 5/6
  • Blackberry
  • PEPID Online

To transfer your subscription from Standard Edition to Platinum Edition on a new device:
  1. Go to and click on My Account.
  2. Once you log into your account select Subscription Details under Manage Your Subscriptions.
  3. Under your subscription you will have an option to upgrade to Platinum.
  4. Follow the prompts and select your new device.
  5. Once you upgrade your Suite, follow the instructions to install PEPID on your device.

For more information, please contact customer support at 888.321.7828 ext 206 or .

Installation Instructions

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