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Palm Installation and Update Instructions

Before you can install PEPID, you must download a PEPID installation program to your computer called PEPID™ Manager. PEPID Manager not only facilitates installation, it enhances our ability to provide technical support, and it registers the product automatically after an initial product install.

By keeping PEPID Manager on your computer after installation, you create a gateway for updating your current subscriptions and installing new ones. PEPID Manager acts as a conduit between your computer and our server, so that you can install or update at any time without manually revisiting the PEPID website.

Occasionally, the PEPID Manager program itself needs updating. A message ´bubble´ will alert you when this is necessary. Simply click on the bubble and follow instructions.

PEPID also offers a secondary installer called PEPID Manager Lite. PEPID Manager Lite is primarily designed for users experiencing installation problems like firewall blockages and Internet timeouts that result in incomplete downloads. Click here for PEPID Manager Lite. We recommend using PEPID Manager.

Before Installation: Review tutorial, check memory and device options

Review PEPID Manager Tutorial: click here

Check available memory: click for details

Palm Treo 650/700 users: Before downloading, please click here to review special installation options.

Step 1: Download and Install PEPID Manager

1.1 Download PEPID Manager [click for details]

Download PEPID Installer

1.2 Follow the Install Shield prompts to complete installation [click for details]

Step 2: Use PEPID Manager to Download PEPID program to PDA

2.1 Open PEPID manager by double-clicking on the PEPID Manager Icon (located in the bottom right corner of your computer screen).

2.2 Check that all the information is correct in the Manager screen [click for details]

2.3 Set the PDA memory destination to Main or Card [click for details]

2.4 Click to Download

2.5 HotSync your PDA [click for details]

2.6 When synchronization is complete, a message will appear that “PEPID has been successfully  installed. Please check your device" [click for details]

You are now ready to begin using PEPID!

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