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Tungsten T5 and Treo 650 Installation Instructions

NOTE: Currently on a Treo 650 we only support loading of PEPID to the memory card.

PEPID v.6.0 Installation Check List

Before you begin the installation, ensure the following:
  • You have the latest version of Palm Desktop installed and your handheld is connected to the desktop (configuring HotSync or ActiveSync).
  • You are connected to the Internet. You must have an active Internet connection to download PEPID to your computer.
  • Your Internet Security is set to allow PEPID files to be downloaded to your computer (configure your firewall software).
  • You have sufficient free space on your handheld. You will need 8-9.5MB of free memory on your memory card depending on the PEPID Suite you are using. You will also need 3MB of free memory on the PDA to run PEPID from the memory card. (How much space do I need?)
  • You know your PEPID username and password. (Forgot Password?)
STEP 1: Install the PEPID Manager
  1. Click "Download" to download the PEPID Installer:

    Download PEPID Installer
    Click here to Download

  2. Click "Open" or "Run this program from its current location".
  3. If you want to install and run PepidInstaller.exe, choose "Yes" or "Run" when prompted
  4. The InstallShield Wizard will install the PEPID Manager on your computer. To continue, click "Next."
  5. If you are installing PEPID for the first time, the license agreement will be displayed. Carefully read the license agreement. Click "Yes" and "Next" to accept the terms and continue. (If you do not agree with the license agreement or if you have questions, please contact PEPID Customer Support at (888) 321-7828 or support@pepid.com.) [NOTE: The license agreement only appears the first time you install PEPID. If you are updating or re-installing the program, click "Repair."]
  6. Click "Install" to install the PEPID Manager onto your computer. Once InstallShield has completed the installation, click "Finish."
  7. The PEPID Manager icon () will appear in the system tray in the bottom right corner of your computer. Click here to review the PEPID Manager Guide.
STEP 2: Install files to your PC and PDA
  1. PEPID Manager window will open automatically. (If you don't see it on your computer screen, double click on the PEPID Manager Icon within the system tray typically found in the bottom right corner of your computer).
  2. Make sure Palm Device is selected and the correct User (HotSync ID) and e-mail address are shown in the PEPID Manager screen. Click here to review the PEPID Manager Guide.
    • To change the HotSync ID, click the down arrow and choose the correct HotSync ID.
    • If you need to change the e-mail address displayed in the PEPID Manager, click on the email button and simply type in the new e-mail address and password and click "OK". Once your new e-mail address and password are submitted, the PEPID Manager will connect to your online PEPID account and display the PEPID product(s) available to download.
  3. Select the PEPID product(s) you would like to install. NOTE: Make sure your memory card is in your handheld. (How much space do I need?)
  4. Click "OK," and the PEPID Manager will download the product files to your computer (This might take 5 to 25 minutes depending on the speed of your Internet connection. Please be patient). Once the files are on your computer, in the bottom right corner there will be a text message telling you to HotSync and the PEPID Manager Icon will blink.
  5. Press the HotSync button on your PDA. (Be sure the device is connected to your computer.)

Reminder: Do not disconnect your handheld from your PC at any time during the synchronization process!

Running PEPID for the first time
  1. Once synchronization is complete, the PEPID icon will appear on the Home screen of your handheld. Tap the PEPID icon to access the program.
    NOTE: In order for PEPID to be displayed properly, the graffiti screen on your handheld must be visible before you open the PEPID program.
  2. We recommend that you tap the "HOW TO USE PEPID" link at the top of the screen to learn how to make full use of the program.
If you need assistance, please visit our Online Help Section.