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Welcome to PEPID User

The fastest way to any PEPID tutorial. Two tutorials for each product (one for PDA users and another for our internet program, PEPID Online), show how to use PEPID with real-life examples. Each tutorial contains illustrations, screen shots, and an exam.

If you have any questions after completing the tutorials, please give our customer support team a call at 888.321.7828 ext 206, or email us at support@pepid.com

Available Now:

PEPID Tutorials for Nursing:
PEPID™ Clinical Nursing Suite (RN)
Click here

PEPID Tutorials for Nursing Students:
PEPID™ RN Student Clinical Companion (RN SCC)
Click here

PEPID Tutorials for Medical Students and Physicians-in-Training:
PEPID™ Clinical Rotation Companion (CRC)
Click here

PEPID Tutorials for Paramedics and EMTs:
PEPID™ Pre-Hospital Emergency Care (EMS)
Click here

 This is an ongoing program with more products coming soon.

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