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Electronic Information in PA Education


NCLEXClinical Rotation Companion:

PEPID Clinical Rotation Companion Suite (CRC) includes:

   • Specialized Clinical Content
   • Drug Database
   • Differential Diagnosis Generator
   • Drug Interactions Checker
   • IV Compatibility
   • Laboratory Manual
   • Illustrations
   • Dosing & Medical Calculators
   • Evidence Based Medicine

PEPID's electronic medical information is a great educational tool as well as a professional clinical and drug reference available on mobile devices (Blackberry, iPad, iPhone, Android, Palm PDA) or online. When implemented in your curriculum, it can bridge the gap from the classroom to the practice setting. Already being used by medical schools around the globe, there is no doubt that PEPID's electronic information is a proven asset to PA education.

What PEPID Has to Offer Physician Assistants in Training:

PEPID Clinical Rotation Suite (CRC) is a complete proven reference tool and drug database for medical students on rotation. Loaded with key information from experienced practitioners, PEPID CRC can provide answers to all the clinical questions that PAs in training may have. With step–by-step instructions for patient history and physical exam, admit and discharge orders, SOAP notes, special settings and more, PEPID CRC will be a PA student’s ”peripheral brain.”

Again, we thank you for registering for our webinar and look forward to going over electronic information, PEPID Clinical Rotation Companion, in more detail as well as answering any questions you might have. After you have attended the webinar we will issue you a faculty evaluation copy to Clinical Rotation Companion. If you have any other faculty members who may be interested, we would be happy to do a customized webinar specific to their program.